Etape 9 - january 8th  2015

SS 366 km - Liaison 24 km - Total : 390 km


After yet another start from the Bivouac, the competitors will go down the col of the Azougui passage, which they drove up the day before. With the morning light, they should remember for a long time what they will see. Making sure to follow the right direction, the road book will take them on the road towards Nouakchott which they will cross to find CP 1. After having crossed a small string of dunes, they will arrive in the white valley, which they will go round to discover a track taking them to Tifoujar. The passage here is yet again very pretty to see, but is also very hard. The downhill to El Gleitat will not be very good either with numerous rocks everywhere. The track will then bring everybody into an oued up to now unknown by all the competitors of the AFRICA ECO RACE®. This is the last oued unknown oued in the valley. The oued goes on all the way to Izigui passage which will be the last difficulty of the day, as the end of the course is nice and open all the way to the finish line which is set-up in the outskirts of Akjoujt. A 100% sand stage.

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