Stage 5 -  january 3rd  2015

SS : 225 km – Liaison : 532 km –  Total : 757 km


For the third day in a row, the stage start will be given right from the Bivouac. This is a real comfort when there is no liaison to be done in the early morning. On the other hand this means you must be fully awake. Especially as of the 225 km over half of them are brand new, with the finish line been on the pear at the entrance of Laayoune. The first part is fairly fast with a few rocks, with no WPM to help in navigation. In this exercise it is very easy to lose a lot of time. The competitors will then go down a first pit which is not the same as last year, but is the one from 2 years ago. They will then go up a small col before starting on the second pit. Ten kilometers which will give offer them an amazing panorama which only the south of Morocco can offer. The last section towards the finish line will go alongside the Amra oued before opening up onto a sequence of dried lakes. As soon as the finish line is crossed, there still remains a long liaison alongside the Atlantic Ocean in order to join Dakhla and enjoy a well-deserved day off.



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