Stage 3 - january 1st  2015

SS : 433 km - Liaison : 92 km - Total : 525 km


After a few kilometers on a small track and the passage of a canyon through the loose rocks, the competitors will arrive at the Oasis Sacrée plateau just before entering the Chegaga Erg which they will cross for over 20 kilometers. As the day is going to be very hard in order to join Assa, we have been nice with you in Chegaga as we are bringing you onto two smaller plateau in order to make it easier. At the exit of the dunes, the Iriki Lake will enable you to let the horses out from under the bonnet. Followed by a sequence of sandy tracks, rough tracks, cols, canyons, oueds and dried lakes all in all to bring the vehicles to a spectacular finish in Icht. The highlight of this stage will be the crossing of the Erg where you will lose a lot of time if you ever have an issues with your vehicle.


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